about north oaks

Our company

North Oaks Company was formed in the 1950s by Louis Hill, Jr., grandson of railroad pioneer, James J. Hill, who originally owned all the land now known as the City of North Oaks.

James J. Hill purchased the land from Charles D. Gilfillan and both men utilized the land to accomplish great things as described in History. Louis Hill Jr. recognized the land known as Hill Farm could become an extraordinary residential community combining nature and urban living. Over the years, development has been carefully planned and implemented to preserve the natural surroundings. First, by meandering roads through the woods to preserve the natural environment evolving to a design that placed homes around the largest protected nature area in the Twin Cities. North Oaks Company is the primary developer of the land.


Our location

The Company’s office is located in North Oaks, on Centerville Road near County Road J, in the same building as Tria Restaurant. North Oaks Company is part of the Harpur Companies, which is involved in farming, forestry and land development throughout the world.


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