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Our team

Our team of professionals is available to help you answer questions about building a new home in North Oaks, including lot selection, purchase, and site design of a single-family home, Villa, or twin home and the alternatives of purchasing a unit in a condominium.

Lot purchasing: If you are interested in purchasing a lot, get in touch with Mark Houge.

Development inquiries: For all specific inquiries about the North Oaks Company’s projects, get in touch with Lauren Grouws.

Finance inquiries: For all specific inquiries, get in touch with Josh Allard.

You are welcome to bring a builder of your choice if you choose to purchase a lot in the East Preserve, Anderson Woods, and Red Forest Way South neighborhoods. If you are interested in building a townhome in Spring Farm, please contact one of the preferred builders listed on the site page. We look forward to welcoming you to North Oaks!

Our Representatives

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