The North Oaks Company currently offers
prime light industrial sites in White Bear Township, Minnesota.

Why our sites?

  • Proximity to Twin Cities: fronting on Interstate 35E it provides easy access south to the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and easy access to the north will be available in late 2025 upon completion of the new intersection with County Road J.
  • Infrastructure and Accessibility: Access major roads and highways for convenient transportation of goods and services near Interstate 494/694 beltway, providing convenient access to MSP International airport for business and personal travel.
  • Local Amenities: Many restaurants, hotels, and other stores offering convenience goods are located close by to make the area convenient for clients, customers, and business partners.

For your company:

  • Talent acquisition: Our sites are surrounded by some of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in the Twin Cities, with highly educated residents, which provides a skilled talent pool for hiring.
  • Affluent Community: Nearby city of North Oaks is known for its affluent community because of the level of education, income, and property values. Many residents work in key positions in some of the most successful businesses in the Twin Cities, which also provides a customer base with great purchasing power.
  • Business-friendly Environment: Supportive local government and pro-business organizations enable business-friendly policies that can facilitate business expansion.

For your employees:

  • Quality of Life: The area is known for its high quality of life, which can be attractive to employees and may contribute to higher employee retention rates.
  • Natural Environment: Beautiful natural surroundings, including lakes and green spaces, can create a pleasant live/work environment and contribute to employee well-being.