How and why we constructed a new pond at North Oaks, Minnesota

Years ago, farm management involved draining agricultural land to make way for crops and cultivation. Today, the North Oaks Company has a different objective. We want to enhance our environmental impact and restore our watershed to improve the sector in the northeastern section of our city’s development and improve water quality downstream. The new pond was engineered and constructed in 2023.

Essentially, the pond slows down water flow while the lower velocity allows nutrients bound with sediment to settle in the pond’s new basin. It was constructed to support a variety of waterfowl and shorebirds, along with other fauna that live in Wilkinson Lake. Over the long term, the new pond will mature and positively affect important downstream waters. Over time, improvements will include the neighbouring Pleasant Lake. This intended enhancement will ensure a sustainable improvement in overall water quality.

The new pond will provide habitat for various native species and continue to improve the local white-tail deer herd’s natural environment. At the end of the day, the new pond allows many species to enjoy seeing the water reflecting the light of the evening sun.

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